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Law of Happiness

Law of Happiness


Happiness in the language is the source of Saad and his collection happy, and the concept of happiness varies from time to time and from one person to another, after the happiness is now complex and not simple, in addition to the entanglement of the concept of happiness with satisfaction and well-being, and happiness is not only a sense of mutual, In the joy and joy of life, as well as in our creations and in the changes that are taking place around us, Matthew Rijkaard, famous for his happiness and satisfaction, has said that happiness can be practiced, and that man's need for long lasting happiness and satisfaction comes through his pursuit of life.

Law of Happiness

In order to reach happiness, we must abide by its laws which in turn will make us enjoy it, and around us, and the laws of happiness:

. We can not make everyone happy: this law teaches us a lot of things in our lives. We can not satisfy everyone around us. We should not be affected by someone who we feel we do not like. We are not responsible for these feelings, and those around us who are loved and friends will stay with us. Our side without trying our best to keep them around.
. Get enough sleep: Sleep gives the body comfort and energy, do not look or look at anyone, hours that others need to sleep may not suit you.
. Your relationship to people: You are the one who can identify them, the annoying people in your life who make you feel bad, your relationship with them can be something wrong. Your relationship with those around you must make you progress and give you motivation to succeed, and this will make you feel happy and satisfied.
. Do not postpone the work today to tomorrow: This statement will make you feel happy if you apply in your life, delaying your duties will not only give you an increase in the accumulated work on you, so you do your work without delay until you feel happy and comfortable after your completion of your work.
. The basic golden rule of happiness is attention to fitness that will make you satisfied with yourself both internally and externally: Attention to your lifestyle and health makes you more confident and healthy. Fitness and exercise are a treasure that many people do not know because of the health benefits of body and mind.
. Happiness is not about us just as soon as we get what we want from the money and the certificates and have all that we need: Your ability to give happiness to others makes you happier and more satisfied. Helping others is one of the solutions to your problems and may be the only solution, even if your help to others is very small. Seeing another smile may make you feel that you have done a great job that will delight you and push you forward.

Dr. Jassim Al-Mutawa said that his life experience has helped him organize his life and achieve his goals. He has evaluated himself in all areas of his life, the so-called happiness law 8x3, and we will remind you how to apply this law. Evaluate yourself in the eight important areas of one to ten. These areas are: health, your relationship, your faith in your Lord, your entertainment, your family and friends, your money, your investments, your feelings, your education, and your service to your community. If you find that one of these areas has been rated less than five, This means that you have to allocate time The largest increase in this assessment so you get happiness and satisfaction in your life, and in these areas there are four areas that should not be the degree of your assessment less where less than six degrees, namely: health, education, family, religion, these areas have a priority in your life.

When you prioritize and evaluate your life as such, you will find where your weaknesses and strengths lie. This is the beginning of your journey towards happiness. After you have assessed yourself through this law, start by making a plan for yourself, and make it at your fingertips. Every morning you will find yourself changed from day to day and you will find yourself happy. Happiness, as Dr. Jassem al-Mutawa talked about, lies in the joy of accomplishment and the power of faith, not in the possession of things.

Happiness in philosophers

Philosophers differed in the concept of happiness and things that make man happy in his life, and these views:

Happiness is a pleasure, or it is closely related to pleasure that does not have pain and discomfort, which is what Aristotle said when he spoke of happiness.
The philosopher Thomas Euceni spoke of the fact that human happiness is complete when one can see the essence of God.
The happiness of the philosopher Spinoza as mentioned in his book Ethics means the joy (joy) that we feel and recognize when we free from myths and desires.
Happiness as described by Jeremy Bentham and Stuart Mill is a delight in its various styles. Bentham has linked the happiness of the individual to the happiness of the group, and the great happiness comes from the right behavior in their opinion.
Farabi mentioned happiness as the greatest good.
Imam al-Ghazali believes that the knowledge of God Almighty is the basis of happiness and pleasure in man, and has talked about the detail of pleasure, the eye's pleasure lies in the vision of good images, and the pleasure of the ear is to hear the good voices, and the joy of the heart lies in the knowledge of God, He was a happy creature.
The philosopher Alan Paddyu believes that man is happy when he pursues the desire for philosophy. This makes him able to distinguish between true happiness and satisfaction. To be happy, you must be willing to change the world.
Zygmunt Baumann spoke of happiness as a struggle, not a reward, nor a joy.

Study on happiness

In a study of a group of happy people in their lives to find out the difference between them and ordinary people, it was revealed that the happy person feels the same negative feelings felt by the unhappy man; however, the only difference is that the happy person recovers faster than his negative feelings; He develops immunity to himself against those feelings, so happiness is not permanent, there is no happy person throughout his life.

How to empty the hatred of my heart?

How to empty the hatred of my heart?

Accept reality

One can get rid of hatred and hatred towards something by accepting the fait accompli and trying to dispel the feelings of hatred that do not work, by creating a list of strong and positive points, instead of focusing on weakness. It is also advisable to focus on the things that he likes, Things that he does not want, as well as the elimination of useless ideas in the mind, which cause more reflection on the same subject of feelings of hatred and hatred.

Approach the forgiveness

Most psychologists recommend the need for forgiveness in the life of the individual, especially those who have wrongly caused the individual, in order to help move forward in life, forget the past, get rid of bitterness and heartache, and the approach of forgiveness brings comfort and peace to the individual , And it is recommended to recognize the error of the individual, for the ability to forgive the individual himself and forgive others, in order to achieve a positive relationship and self, and the individual can practice the approach of forgiveness through the following methods, including:

. The art of painting: is used to assist in the teaching of forgiveness, especially for children. This activity is done by providing different equipment such as scissors, magazines, photo newspapers, glue, colors, and many images that represent human emotions. Images that express forgiveness, forgiveness, peace and satisfaction.
. Diary Recording: This method is useful for all children, as it encourages the child to write all the experiences he experiences during his day, which can be forgiven, in order to encourage him to approach forgiveness and forgiveness.

Think positively

It is recommended to identify a list of positive things that can be done for positive change in the life of the individual, to help forget the hatred, and things that can improve the feeling of the individual, is to find new friends, the search for a new job, Which the individual hates.

Get rid of hate

It is better to get rid of the feeling of hatred to help get rid of the feeling of hatred and thus move forward in life, because the ball is a strong feeling, and when the focus is on this feeling will turn the mind to feel real and realistic, and therefore it is recommended to forget the ball to help leave the hatred.

how to empty myself of anger?

how to empty myself of anger?

Physical activity helps to reduce stress that may cause nervousness. When feeling angry, it is usually advised to go out for a quick walk or some physical activity.

Do relaxation skills
Various relaxation skills help relieve anger. These include deep breathing, trying to imagine a relaxing scene, repeating words that reduce stress (like taking it simply), writing, listening to music, or practicing yoga.

Talk with friends
Sharing a person's concerns and anger with someone who trusts him to reduce anger, as well as trying to find solutions to problems, and sometimes receive advice, in the case of anger can think of someone who trusts and converse with what angers, and thus find solutions, and unloading anger correctly .

Listening skill
In many cases anger is caused by a misunderstanding of what has been said to him, so think about what others are saying and try to understand their point of view before it leads to unnecessary anger.

Watch a funny movie
The laughter absorbs anger, calms tension, encourages muscle relaxation, and eases mental pregnancy, so it is usually advised to be angry by listening or watching funny scenes, such as choosing a funny film, helping to improve the poetic state and thus get rid of anger.

Rearrange the house
One feels comfortable at home. If he is angry, he has to try to arrange the house, to provide comfort and tranquility to him.

Write a list
Writing a list of the names of people, things, and actions that cause anger helps you to know the sources of this anger and therefore avoid it. This list should be as detailed and specific as possible, then each item should be numbered 1-5 as much as the anger it causes. This value could be reduced or even removed from our lives completely.

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How can I forget injustice?

How can I forget injustice?

Positive thinking

The self should be reminded of the things that make the world better, to learn the basics of inner peace and to keep away from the causes of anger and tyranny. For example, many people in this world are keen to make a difference at all times. , And he can choose to be one of those people, that is to do his best to help those who need help, and thus helps himself to become happier and more positive. [1] It is worth noting that one should follow relaxation strategies by taking deep breaths , And non-thinking in Asia Negative, Negative Thinking may be lost from time, as it leads to a stress person.


The person's negative feelings take time to fade or even forget, so it is best to be patient with these feelings, to be compassionate with himself, to encourage himself not to exaggerate the problems around him, and to try to forget and get rid of these bad things through busy Self, [3] and the individual can search for strategic ways to alleviate the feelings of injustice and anger, and these methods: behavioral and cognitive therapy, accept reality, and reduce stress, and meditation.


A person should identify the things that contribute to his anger and fall under his control, then work to find solutions to them and work to change them. For example, if he works somewhere, and was expelled from his work because of the mistreatment of the manager, he must submit to Other jobs in different places, trying to get a new job, change helps to forget always.

How to improve my mood

How to improve my mood

Do good work

Researchers believe that volunteering increases happiness; it increases empathy, and makes you value the good things in your life. People who volunteer may be happier than those who do not volunteer, regardless of the social and economic factors, or the amount of money that they get. .


Sitting comfortably on the chair or floor, taking a deep breath and exhaling for several minutes a day, helps get rid of stress and improve mood.

Close electronics

Taking a break from electronic devices helps you relax before you sleep. Staying in front of computers and other electronics all day encourages idle and wasted energy.

Setting priorities

A list of important things to do, prioritize, work in order to finish, and accept the idea that you can not do everything at once, so you get satisfaction.

Prepare a snack

You should take a snack with you before you leave the house, such as fruits, low-fat cheese, yogurt and unsalted nuts, and eat it when you feel hungry in the afternoon, because feeling hungry can affect your mood.

Listen to music

Many studies have found that listening to music reduces stress, improves mood, can put favorite songs on MP3, or on a mobile phone, and run them during work or exercise, a safe way to make the day more enjoyable.

Get enough sleep

You should get enough sleep; because lack of sleep causes lack of focus and inability to make decisions during a short period, and also cause many negative effects on health and mood.

Learn something new

Be careful to keep learning and learn something new every day. The mind needs constant development. It is by solving puzzles, learning a new language, and watching inspirational discussions. It helps to improve mood.

Improving thinking skills

Improving thinking skills

Development of creative thinking

The creative mind helps to create and construct new topics and ideas, and to ask unusual questions. This leads to unexpected answers. Unfortunately, schools contribute to the negative impact on students' creativity in order to follow and adhere to the traditional educational system. Developing creativity in thinking individually The creative mind is considered to be of high value in the individual's personal and professional life, through which he can make changes in his reality, and think of multiple ways to solve and change the circumstances that he is going through for the better.

Dealing with problems as an experience

One way to develop thinking is to use and follow the critical approach to problem solving. It is an effective mental method to do this, and it is a skill that needs to be practiced, and perseverance, through the following steps:

  • Identify the main problem by asking questions to discover the real problem.
  • Conduct research on the subject by collecting information.
  • Build hypotheses based on information known to the individual, and avoid any inaccurate information.
  • Analysis of data and conclusion, by analyzing the results of the experiments conducted by the individual, and put them under test, and try to find other solutions.
Read valuable books

Reading books is one of the best ways to open up to the world, develop critical thinking, and develop the skills a person needs in his life. It gives a lot of information and benefits to the reader and develops his mental abilities. When reading important books, many information is received. In which the interpretation and analysis of information, as the question and answer during the process of reading exercise the mind to think critically, so the individual should enrich his knowledge, and expand his views through reading.

How to leave nervousness?

How to leave nervousness?


You can get rid of nervousness by relaxing and taking deep breath. Relaxation techniques can be learned by reading the books you talk about, taking relaxing courses, taking a deep breath, repeating calm words, and practicing yoga exercises. To relax the muscles and body.

Change the way you think

Neurosis can be eliminated by changing the way of thinking. A person must know that any problem that occurs with him is a natural thing that happens in the life of any person, and that shouting and insulting is not the proper solution to these problems and differences, and that the occurrence of any problem and disagreement does not mean the end. And a man can change his mindset by starting himself. He begins by using motivational words with himself, and avoids negative words.

Expression in proper ways

In the event that feelings of anger and stubbornness are possessed and controlled by the person, such as anger for simple and trivial reasons, such as breaking a plate of kitchen dishes, the anger and tension is not due to the dish, but rather the result of internal anger and tension. When you feel angry, try to be calm, not to rush to express yourself, to say harsh and harsh things to those around you, as well as to learn forgiveness and compromise in some situations to maintain relationships and make relations always a priority.

Exercise healthy daily habits

You should change your daily habits and habits that affect your body and mood. For example, you should exercise, drink drinks that contain caffeine and stimulants, try to sleep for hours, and eat adequate, healthy and healthy meals.